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Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Forward/Inverse: Gaming cross disciplinary methodologies in dance and digital animation

I created this application for my final project in Motion Capture.  There are credits in the application, but special shout out to Caitlyn Trevor for her cello performance.  🙂  It actually made debugging a joy to hear her playing over and over.

The concepts are all inside the in-game documentation (as well as a bonus video of me dancing in some sweet mocap digs).

Have some fun blending different dance improvisation modalities and learn a little something about digital animation while you’re at it!

As always, you may need to install or allow plug-ins to play this Unity application:



Behavior Simulation

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

I made this behavior simulation today to incorporate into my game, Resonance.  The first four cubes start knowing how to snap and “ooo”, which effects other cubes in a particular way.  While playing the simulation, press Escape to see the menu where you can read more information if you’d like more information about what’s happening.

To watch the simulation (and effect its speed) follow this link:

 Unity plug-in may be required to run.


p.s. Cubes are the best.  So much personality.  🙂