winter experiments

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

It’s funny how I don’t think of breaks as breaks anymore.  Now, they’re just opportunities for uninterrupted explorations (which run the gamut, as explorations do, from tedious to exciting).

I’ve been casually sifting through Maya dynamics tutorials (think making fireworks, simulating water, and making an otherwise incorporeal virtual object respond physically to other objects) and, as always, playing around in Unity.

In this video, I’ve instantiated a field of cubes that are changing their vertical scale based on their proximity to the floating cube.  That proximity and the time since the simulation began is plugged in to a perlin noise function to create the wave.  Since making this video, I’ve added magnitude deterioration based on distance from the “activator” point and also implemented some basic mouse input control (moving the activator point around and turning the wave on and off).  Now if I could just get Unity to do the cool blurring that my phone’s camera accidentally does….  🙂


The Block Sea from John Luna on Vimeo.

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